Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Odd Pets

I think hedgehogs are some of the most adorable creatures ever.  Unfortunately in the state of GA they are illegal to own as pets...I need to move to another state.
My second favorite is the sugar glider.  They are related to flying squirrels and oh-so-cute, but apparently not the best pets...

I guess I'll just stick to cats!

My Future Home

So I am obsessed with these tiny houses.  I think it goes along with my obsession with all things tiny.  They are completely functional and the second I have an extra $20,000 and some time to build it I am going to have one.  The only minor adjustment I would make would be a rather large closet added onto the back!  They are so cute and way cooler than my playhouse and closet I had to play in when I was young.

Cute tiny front porch!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Betsey Johnson Tea Party Jewelry

Ok so I'm trying to keep up with this whole blog thing...

I found these 3 months ago and saved the picture to put on here but they are no longer available online! I love these bracelets and all Betsey Johnson jewelry. It's so cute and dainty and unique.  I can never seem to find fun full charm bracelets for cheap but I just love these!