Thursday, December 23, 2010


Finally saw Black Swan last weekend which was AMAZING. Natalie Portman was beautiful and did a wonderful job portraying a ballet dancer. I am a little bit obsessed with her character Nina's wardrobe of soft grays and pinks which she wears through most of the film. I'd like to add these few things to my ballet wardrobe:

Whispering Vespers Sweater $148 Anthropologie

Also check out some more choreography from Benjamin Millepied who was the primary choreographer as well as Natalie's dancing partner for Black Swan. This is one of my favorites!

Letter Necklace

This dainty Love Letter Necklace from Catbird is not only delicate and adorable but takes me back to my childhood fascination with tiny objects and trinkety trinkets. My mom used to have a necklace similar to this and there was actually space inside the envelope! I used to sneak into her bathroom to play with it and try it on, folding up little pieces of paper to stick in it. Weird, right? I'll have to see if she still has it around when I go home!

Just another one of my attempts to be like Blair Waldorf. Love this print that she has in her room in Gossip Girl; it's from Vogue's shoot August 1964 and can be purchased here!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Marc Jacobs PJs

These may just look like your typical printed pajamas but look closely and see tiny squirrels and bunnies that MJ cleverly fit into the pattern

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feelin' Foxy

I love it when animals (particularly woodland creatures) are on clothes/accessories.

Foxy Tights $28 Anthropologie

Also love this cuff from Modcloth.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Plaid + Bun

I love this plaid print and the tiny bun and whole outfit. It reminds me of my roommate/BFFL, Jill!


One day, this will be my life:

or this

or this

or this

(all found on my favorite blog, This is Glamourous!)
But for now this will have to do!

Soooo excited about the holidays!

Handbag Wishlist!

There are 3 handbags that I need in my life:

1. A Chanel quilted cross-body or this Kate Spade.

2. This Miu Miu cat print clutch. Perfection!

3. Birkin bag so I can be a little more like Olivia Palermo and any other chic celeb.

Bow Shoes

Perfection in a shoe. Found them at TjMaxx for $40 and they still retail for full price!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ballet Russes

Want. Want. Want.
It's like a tutu for your ear.
Ballet Russes Earrings $30

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Boot season is officially here and I am still on the never-ending quest for the perfect boots. I LOVE my tan Ralph Lauren boots that Jill & I have from last year and I want them in black! These Chloe boots are the perfect heel height found on Also love the new Same Edelman boots available at the Red Dress Boutique!

Monogrammed Jewelry

Back in middle school I was really into silver monogrammed jewelry, now I'd like this gold monogrammed cuff as seen in InStyle! I will be adding it to the birthday/Christmas list! Also love the personalized jewelry on!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kitty Lips

This lipstick looks purrrrrrfect. Need I say more? Check out the review at
Paul & Joe $25

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding Shoes

These are the most perfect wedding shoes.

Loves for Fall

Fall is almost here! This semester has been off to a busy start full of football, fun, and school! So ready for some cooler weather - here are a few things I wantttt:

This Autumn Cashmere sweater looks wonderrrrful. I would LIVE in it. Love this oatmeal color but the other colors as well!

A fabulous assortment of colors I'd love to wear through the holidays!

These are perfect.

An adorable kitty to sleep on my books!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Amelia & I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's the other day and while Holly's character is quirky & kind of crazy she is still the epitome of chic! My life would be complete (I'd like to think) if supplemented with a few items inspired by the film...

A basic khaki trench similar to the one Holly wears like this Tommy Hilfiger one!

A gold signet ring - I saw this in Lucky a few years ago and have loved it ever since. I could get it monogrammed at Tiffany's!

A fun sleeping mask! Like the one Holly wears!

A perfect coral lipstick to go with everything. I love the new Chanel Rouge Coco colors for fall!

An orange tabby named "Cat"

My very own George Peppard...Ed Westick will do just fine : )

And of course a fabulous kiss in the rain - wearing my trench coat and holding my cat! One can dream...right?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun Finds for Back to School!

Lately I've been doing some shopping - well that's what I always do so nothing new but here are some fun things I'm looking forward to adding into my wardrobe! Between Gap, Old Navy and Target I find all my basic staples to accessorize with!

To channel my inner French girl I found this striped tee and cropped denim pants at the Gap! Jill inspired me to be on the lookout for striped T's - she loves stripes!

This might be my new favorite thing. I know I will live in it this fall!

I always find good buys on plain T's and cardis at Old Navy - this cardigan was only $10 and these pocket tees only $5!

At Target I found this red (at least I hope it's red!) tulip skirt to wear to UGA football games! And also these grey cropped linen pants which are soooooo comfy they're practically sweatpants!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiny Cottage

Give me this cottage & a cat and my life will be complete. More pics on {this is glamorous}.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This week marks week #3 of my 1/2 marathon training! I have been trying to consistently run 3-4 times a week along with ballet & conditioning too! Because I've been running more I needed some new shoes...

My dad found these Asics on sale at Dick's! After getting shin splints from cross country I finally discovered the right running shoes for me and I've been loyal to Asics ever since! Can't wait to break them in this weekend!

Somewhere in my mess of a life is my long-lost Ipod disappeared months ago so I promised myself I would buy myself this new Ipod Shuffle if I stuck with my running routine! For only $59 it holds 2G of music! I still have 3 weeks to go we'll see!

Now I just need this Nike hot pink running top to go with my new shoes and workout routine!

The Ballerina Project

[photo cred: Dane Shitagi]

Amelia just introduced me to this Facebook group called "The Ballerina Project" and I am in love with it. Made up of photos taken by Dane Shitagi it captures ballerinas dancing in urban settings (mostly NYC) - the dancers are sooo beautiful! I could look at the photos for hours and the best part is that there are prints for sale! This picture posted it my personal fave and I will be adding this print to the Christmas list this year!

Father's Day & Shopping

So last weekend I went home to Pine Mountain for a visit for Father's Day! Having Friday to relax, Caroline and I drove over to West Point - it's like a block from Alabama - to shoe shop! There is a random shoe outlet there with lightly used shoes from photo shoots and what not all priced for under $20! I had some good finds!

What I consider to be the most perfect shoes in the world (Caroline did not agree). I already have an outfit planned around them!

Nine West gladiator sandals! I've already worn them for an entire day - they're so comfy!

These Coach loafers from many seasons ago - still cute! I've wanted some loafers ever since Jill got some JCrew ones! Also found some pretty silver Kenneth Cole pumps for Jennie to wear in the wedding she will be in next month!

Sunday we went to visit Pappy who has a new little kitten! She is so adorable and fluffy!

Found this Liberty of London robe on the Target clearance rack! I'm wearing it right now just to feel like Blair...

I had originally wanted to order a beach cover up from Victoria's Secret for the summer until I found this one at TJMaxx!