Sunday, September 6, 2009


I decided to come home for the weekend & I'm so glad I did. I unpacked and hung up my fall/winter wardrobe in anticipation of cooler weather, painted a chair for my new room, sewed my ballet shoes, bought some Halloween & Thanksgiving cards, and will be cooking dinner for my dad's birthday tonight! Some tidbits from today:

-Truthful article.
-I want these earrings.
-Oranizing ideas.
-Pretty home.
-Kitty key covers.
-I wish I was this beautiful & chic.
-Audrey as a ballerina.
-Asian ballet tricks.
-I wish I was sitting in this.
-New from JCrew.
-alice + olivia for Payless.
-Olsens in Fortune Magazine.
-Great deal on pretty necklace!
Happy Labor Day!


carotrott said...

-Precious earrings.
-What a beautiful picture of Zooey.
-I love the print of that chair.
-and that scarlet slouch boot.

Kristina Comer said...