Saturday, June 19, 2010


Although summer has not officially begun, school is out and the summer heat is here. With a few changes going on in my life I have decided to devote more time to blogging my thoughts and ideas and reading others more often for inspiration! Spring semester finished up in early May and not much has been going on in Athens - but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! Between work, summer class and hanging out with friends I've been shopping (of course!) and trying to get back into shape. This October Athens will be hosting their first annual 1/2 Marathon! I am hoping to complete it with a little inspiration from friends and family. Along with getting back into running Amelia and I have been sneaking into the dance building for a little ballet time - I am sewing my pointe shoes soon to get back on my toes! Over the past few weeks I have really contemplated what makes me happy in life and am trying to throw myself into that fully - I am so thankful for the life I live - my wonderful sweet roomate Jill, my loving family, a supportive and inspiring circle of friends, and the opportunity to attend a great university - GO DAWGS! More posts later this week on my fun finds from the weekend!


ameliaclaire said...

I love our ballet time! We can inspire eachother this summer, and keep eachother sane! love you!

carotrott said...

I love you buddy!!

Jill Turner said...

YAYY! Blogging! Xoxo!

PS - Coffee was SO good this morning.