Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Life in Colorado

I have decided to return to the blogging world! Mostly so that friends and family can keep up with my everyday adventures and I can document my thoughts and musings. My BFF Jill has a beautiful blog that inspires me and I love that I can catch up on the details of her life that don't make it into our phone chats/Facetime. Check her out at Just Jill! So I graduated from the University of Georgia last August and packed up and moved across country to the lovely town of Colorado Springs, CO.  Here I am working on getting my masters in Sports Nutrition with hopes of pursuing a career in sports dietetics and health.  Colorado Springs is home to Pikes Peak (which I am looking at as I type this from my balcony!), Garden of the Gods, The US Olympic Committee and Training Center, and many other things! Just an hour south of Denver it is close by to a big city but far enough away to have a lot of space and fresh air! I'd like to use this blog to help me explore my interests in food and nutrition as well as a little bit of fashion, decor and other bits & pieces along the way. Currently without a camera I will be using my iPhone for pics! And still figuring out how to format things and whatnot. More posts to follow!


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Jennie said...

I'll read your blog Poochie!! I can't wait to come visit you!